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The full-flow service is a traffic optimization service for network operators built on the company’s full-flow optimization cloud platform (Smart X Cloud, referred to as SXC) based on core technology products such as content network system (PPCache & PPCDN). The service is designed to help broadband operators accurately analyze content resources and traffic data, master resource usage, and formulate traffic optimization strategies and optimization methods based on changes in traffic and user behavior in the network, and distribute Internet traffic according to application types and features to the optimal In terms of the provision of traffic, the company continued to increase the proportion of intranet traffic, reduce the cost of single-user traffic, and improve the user’s Internet experience.

    • Local Acceleration
      We provides traffic optimization services for hot content (video, download, etc.) on broadband carriers’ networks.
    • Remote Acceleration
      Utilize our Smart X Cloud cloud platform to provide traffic optimization services for non-hot content (with low access concentration) within broadband operators’ networks.
    • Special Application Acceleration
      It provides traffic optimization services for real-time interactive traffic (such as online games and online banking) required by broadband carriers, including dynamic acceleration and game acceleration.