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Smart Content Management System

The Intelligent Content Aggregation System is an efficient, manageable, operational, and scalable new media management system that supports the aggregation of massive program content, and can meet the data requirements of radio and television network operators to rapidly develop diverse multi-screen and multi-screen OTT services. The smart content aggregation system uses content aggregation as its core service to achieve unified access to and re-deployment of live channel content, self-owned copyrighted interactive VOD content, cooperatively introduced content, Internet content, user-uploaded content, and other multi-format and multi-channel content resources. Integrate functions such as aggregation, aggregation management, copyright management, balanced scheduling, and visualization statistics, build a powerful new media content repository that supports front-end services, and output the content resources and information that support multiple terminals to downstream systems through open interfaces to achieve globalization of content resources. Service support.

System capabilities and features:

It can be flexibly connected with the media asset system and the CP content introduction system to quickly realize the association management of multi-source data and multi-screen data services.

It supports distributed crawlers, which can introduce Internet content and information through crawling, establish a mainstream Internet video database, and integrate Internet content into radio and television networks, complementing and expanding existing content.