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Internet Resource Management System

The content resource management platform is a supporting platform for analyzing, presenting, and making decisions on the centralized content of the Internet. The content resource management platform is mainly responsible for implementing the presentation of content resource views, statistical analysis, and business management functions.

Content Resource Analysis

By maintaining the distribution of domain names and content throughout the entire network, a unified view of content resources across the entire network is formed to support content introduction and content scheduling and provide effective support data for content operations.

Operating Data Analysis

The content management team supports the collection of data from various systems, and conducts statistical analysis from multiple dimensions such as resource introduction, hotspots, and resource analysis. This includes key operational indicators such as click rate and full network resource analysis (hotspots, domain name analysis, etc.) Provincial distribution analysis, key website service analysis, cache index analysis, etc., help to form a network-wide content collaboration strategy, and facilitate the subsequent analysis of user behavior, providing more support for content operations.

Service Management

The content management layer can report data through the operation management system to collect and display information such as available content centers and service node sets, content center, and edge service node cache policies, cache rules, access control policies, and back-source policies of the CP. The business management can monitor and query the current service conditions of the content network, can analyze the business operation status of the entire content network in a real and realistic manner, meet the management needs, analyze the user access behavior, realize the flow visualization, and provide decision basis for business development.