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International Internet Acceleration Solution

Internet Acceleration Solution for Oversea Telecom Operator

For some overseas operators, there are large international export investment costs, high business costs, imperfect infrastructure, low network stability, lack of skilled personnel, poor operating capability, large numbers of visits to China, and difficulty in solving user demands. The overseas Internet acceleration plan is to build a full-flow cloud service platform in the local area, including: distributed content aggregation acceleration pool, quality monitoring, intelligent dispatch, automated operation platform and tools. Realize the localization of international, Chinese and local Internet content, the intelligence of user access scheduling strategies, and the systematic, instrumental, and standardized operation and maintenance. Ultimately, the local operator can achieve a reasonable supply of Internet traffic, enhance its in-network user experience, improve its operation and maintenance capabilities, and reduce broadband operating costs.


Oversea Virtual Private Network Solution for Multinational Enterprise

Based on the accumulated research and experience in technology research, product development, and network operations in the next-generation Internet, cloud computing, and security management, Beijing Oriental Network Technology Co., Ltd. integrates advanced proprietary intellectual property technologies, including software-defined wide area networks. (SD-WAN) technology, Internet traffic optimization, network intelligence scheduling, intelligent content distribution acceleration, content aggregation, big data analysis, security and secure communications, etc., integration of Internet TV, production safety management, security monitoring, emergency systems and other application technologies. Government and industry authorities, overseas enterprises and institutions provide international network and application security such as safe production management, anti-terrorism and security monitoring, smart office, online culture and entertainment, public opinion monitoring and situation analysis.

Key features include cloud business services, cloud life services, and cloud security services.

Cloud Business Services integrates SD-WAN technology, protocol optimization technology, distribution technology, and cloud technology, and provides multinational, cross-regional, high-quality, low-cost accelerated technical services between overseas companies and domestic headquarters based on the Internet to provide secure data. Transmission and information communication, and technical services for Internet application access, public cloud and enterprise cloud applications.

Cloud Life Services is based on intelligent content distribution acceleration and Internet TV technology, providing access to domestic mainstream video, live broadcast, portal and APP acceleration services, enriching the leisure life of employees and staff of overseas enterprises, listening to the voice of the motherland, and communicating with family members.

The cloud security service provides security services for overseas enterprises, including production safety monitoring, security risk and situation assessment, personnel equipment positioning, remote monitoring, danger warning, room defense, and remote training. And safety production information sharing management.