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Company Profile

Professional Internet Acceleration and Big Data Service Provider

Beijing NetEast Technologies Co., Ltd. abbreviated Neteast Technologies, which is established in January 2004. It is a leading international high-tech enterprise that utilizes next-generation Internet technologies to provide Internet traffic and application optimization, multimedia communications, and new media value-added application technology development and solutions.

Over the years, Neteast Technologies has been focusing on network traffic control management, user behavior analysis, intelligent traffic cache and content aggregation acceleration, P2P content distribution and streaming media value-added applications, multimedia communication technology products and solutions development and innovation, and accumulated High-quality industrial chain resources. The company’s customers include China Unicom, China Mobile (China Railcom), China Telecom, local radio and television network operators, ISPs, campus networks, corporate networks, government, online video and new media operators.

The founders of Neteas Technologies are from Chinese Academy of Sciences, large-scale network communications technology companies and telecom operators, they have years of successful experience in high-performance network communication technology R&D, telecommunications operations, Internet value-added development and application The company’s chief scientist, Mr. Hou Ziqiang, is hailed as China’s “Father of Broadband IP” as an advocate and promoter of China’s broadband IP network and triple play, and is the next generation of Internet technology, digital media and new media technologies, and broadband wireless mobile. He is a famous experts in communications technology and other fields.

Development concept

Neteast Technologies always adheres to the development philosophy of “technology leads the market, demand stimulates innovation, and service creates value”. Through its own strong R&D capabilities and research cooperation with scientific institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it strives to develop next-generation Internet core technologies and added value. Application technology provides advanced operational services, solutions and technical support for the quality improvement and evolution of the Internet.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a professional Internet full-flow and data integration service provider through advanced technologies, innovative models, and quality services.

Our mission is to use advanced, practical and intelligent technologies and services to help our customers improve network quality, save operating costs, create economic benefits, and realize market value.