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Cable & ISP Operator Solution


The Full-Flow services is a traffic optimization service for network operators, based on the core technique and product such as content network system (PPCache&PPCDN), built on our SXC short for Smart X Cloud. The purpose of this service is to help broadband operators to accurately analyze content resources and traffic data, to master resource usage. So operators can make optimization strategies and methods of flow according to the changes in network traffic and user behavior, distribute the internet traffic to the optimal way according to the application types and characteristics, constantly improve the flow ratio of internal network, reduce the cost of single user flow, and improve the user’s internet experience.

  • Local flow services
    We provide the flow optimization service of hot content (video, download, etc.) in broadband operator`s network.
  • Full-flow center flow services
    Utilize our Smart X Cloud cloud platform to provide traffic optimization services for non-hot content (with lower concentration) within broadband operators’ networks.
  • Special flow services
    We provide the flow optimization service of real-time interactive flow (online game, online bank, etc.) in broadband operator`s network, including dynamic acceleration, game acceleration, and other services.


Operating Analysis System

The Neteast Technologies company has more than ten years of experience in Internet traffic operation, and a complete operational technology team. By that we can provide operation analysis tools and other basic capability system for content network, strategy and system optimization based on data analysis, comprehensive operation analysis service including operation process automation and operation analysis, visual data basis for the core information of Internet resources, key capabilities, system problems and Internet quality.

  • More than 10 years of experience in operation of Internet traffic, and the refined operation analysis with the granularity of URL level, and millions optimization strategies online for domain names.
  • Make the best of all, humanization UI and unified operational platform.
  • With an operation team of more than 200 people abilities of R&D, operation, analysis and optimization.

The main function

  • Increased intranet resource gain ratio
    Evaluate the existing internal network resources (including CDN nodes and cache platforms) of RFT Company, analyze its working status, and rank the effectiveness of various resource services, such as download rate, hit rate, and visit popularity, etc. Optimize the problem of poor performance and problem centralization; Clear the poor or no gain resources.
    Analysis of outgoing network requests from end-user visits, determine the content of the outbound network of hotspots, optimize and improve the gain ratio of intranet resources continuously.
  • Directional traffic optimization
    For parts that cannot be introduced or inappropriate, such as dynamic content and game access, etc. A clear optimization plan should be given, and it also provided optimization suggestions for the dispatching strategy of RFT Company, assisting RFT Company to increase the flow rate of the Internet.
  • Increased the DNS resolution rate
    Comparing and analyzing the in-network resource list such as network request, domain name introduction and cache white list.
  • User experience improvement
    By acquiring the probe data of the test system, analyze the indicators of delay, jitter, and connection success rate for all the egress links, and comprehensively score the network quality, combine with other system analysis results to locate problems and provide solutions quickly.
  • Accurate network troubleshooting
    Neteastern Technologies T+ service platform has the latest network fault monitoring and detection tools, as well as supporting operating support platform. It can use user IP, account number and other information to obtain detailed user failure analysis data and reports on T+ service platform, also can determine the fault occurrence node accurately, for example, the terminal side, access side, backbone side, and service side greatly reduce troubleshooting time and improve service response efficiency.
  • New recursive mode of application-promoting services
    Neteast Technologies T+ service platform value-added service module have intelligent pipeline upgrade and business online ordering. Nowadays, with the increase of heavy Internet applications, the number of home terminals has increased, and users have become increasingly prominent in bandwidth acquisition and application experience, and potential consumer behaviors are in a state of being released. The traditional model used after the opening was not impactful, and was cumbersome in space, further suppressing the consumer’s consumption potential.
    The new business recursive mode of Neteast Technologies can timely remind customers to order high-bandwidth products online when users have insufficient bandwidth and preemption. Products can be divided into permanent orders, temporary orders and other subdivided products, according to the length of time or flow and so on.


IPv6 Migration Solution

With the gradual depletion of IPv4 addresses, the use of IPv6 has to be put on the agenda, General Office of the CPC Central Committee, General Office of the State Council issued the Action Plan for Promoting the Scale Deployment of the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) (here in after referred to as the “Plan”). The RFT Company actively responds to the call of the country, while the scarcity of IPv4 address resources, IPv6 has become a “break” point. However, RFT Company IPv6 upgrades are facing the embarrassing situation of “islands”, There are the reasons:

  • There is few domestic IPv6 Internet content; Most of the user visits are IPv4 content;
  • The National IPv6 Backbone Network and International Portals have not been officially opened yet;
  • Enterprises such as traditional operators, Internet content service providers, and Internet data centers are all in the experimental phase of IPv6 networks. Content and users are few.

In order to solve the embarrassing situation of the IPv6 upgrade of The RFT Company, Neteast Technologies proposed an IPv6 transition solution and achieved a smooth upgrade of the network through the following means:

  • Establish an automated content aggregation pool to intelligently complete IPv6 cache aggregation of IPv4 hot content;
  • Establish IPv4-IPv6 address translation cloud and provide IPv4 and IPv6 address translation cloud services;
  • Introduce home-enabled intelligent gateways that support IPv4/v6 to enable seamless access to IPv6 networks;
  • Assist the RFT Company to carry out IPv6 transformation to achieve a smooth upgrade to the next-generation Internet.


Satellite & Wireless OTT Solution

With the rapid development of network and multimedia technology, Internet TV gradually get into the user’s field of vision. Neteast Technologies launched a comprehensive solution based on satellite/wireless OTT TV, including: Content operations, broadcast control management, distribution acceleration, value-added applications, wireless networks, and OTT terminals, etc. The solution enables mobile live broadcast, cross-network broadcast, and TV broadcast anywhere on the WAN or LAN. Users can receive OTT TV videos via satellite/wireless network anytime, anywhere.